Promising Medical Procedure “Kills” Tumors, Cures Cancer Patients

Promising Medical Procedure “Kills” Tumors, Cures Cancer Patients

According to a new medical report, some impressive new progress in curing cancer has been made! More precisely, patients have been cured after medical experts tried a revolutionary method that involves turbocharging the blood’s immune cells in a lab.

That’s right! Two adult aged individuals who had been diagnosed with leukemia have been in remission since 2010 after undergoing Car-T therapy.

This technique involves removing blood from the patient and genetically modifying its white cells in such a way that they are able to target cancer.

The Car-T cells that result from this procedure are then re-injected into the body in a type of immunotherapy that uses one’s immune system to attack any tumors.

Judging by the fact that the levels of the cells in the two cured patients that have been cured using this method are still high, it is safe to say that this is a really promising treatment.

Dr. Carl June of University of Pennsylvania stated about this that “Based on these results, we can now conclude that Car-T cells can cure leukemia. The cells continued to demonstrate tumor killing characteristics.”

Furthermore, one of the patients by the name of Doug Olsen also shared that doctors were not able to find any cancer after only a few weeks and that he was really optimistic: “I knew the doctors weren’t sure but I was pretty convinced that I was done with cancer.”

Now, the NHS offers Car-T to some adult aged patients suffering from lymphoma as well as to some kids with leukemia since the treatment has been so promising.

Of course, this new method of curing cancer has been giving many people a lot of hope.

At the same time, there are still some warnings that this therapy can make the immune system overreact.

Furthermore, it can also trigger certain side effects such as vomiting, fever and breathing difficulties.

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