Just In: Rishi Sunak Slammed On National TV Over Covid Vaccine Harms After Reportedly Investing $500M In Moderna

Just In: Rishi Sunak Slammed On National TV Over Covid Vaccine Harms After Reportedly Investing $500M In Moderna

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gets blasted on National Television over the harms that the COVID vaccine has brought. According to multiple reports, even if not too many people know this, he has invested a load of cash in Moderna, making millions. Check out the latest reports to learn more details.

Rishi Sunak blasted on live TV

During the GB News People’s forum, Rishi Sunak seemed to be taken aback when he was asked tough questions about the potential side effects of the Covid vaccine. A member of the audience used the opportunity to express his concerns about the vaccine and demanded that Sunak address him directly. The audience member was visibly upset and asked Sunak to look him in the eye, GBNews reports.

“My name is John Watt, and I’m one of the COVID-19 vaccine injured in this country”, said the audience member.

“I want you to look into my eyes. I want you to look at the pain, the trauma and the regret I have in my eyes.

“We have been left with no help at all. I know people who have lost legs, I know people with heart conditions like myself, Rishi Sunak.

“Why have I had to set up a support group in Scotland to look after the people that have been affected by the Covid-19 vaccine?

“Why are the people who are in charge, who told us all to do the right things, have left us all to rot and left and me and the 10s of thousands in this country to rot?”

He proceeded to strongly criticize the financial support program in place for those who have been impacted by the vaccine, describing it as inadequate. Sunak expressed his condolences and sympathy towards Watt’s personal situation, but the angry Briton interrupted him.

“We are silent”, he angrily snapped.

The safety of vaccines has undergone extensive reviews for both adults and children by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The MHRA continues to monitor the safety of vaccines, and reports of serious side effects are very rare. GB News host Stephen Dixon had to calm the matter by acknowledging that the guest had raised some valid points but urged him to allow the Prime Minister to give a response.

“There is a vaccine compensation scheme that’s in place”, he said.

“Obviously, everyone individually will work through their cases. It’s difficult for me to comment on anyone’s individual case.

“I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. I’m very happy to go and look at the cases and I’m sure you’ll get them to the team here.”

Sunak went on to speak on the audience member’s claims of being “silenced”, saying he was “saddened” by the assertion and “shocked” to hear that’s the case.

Below, you can see how things went down on live TV:

Sunak invested $500 million in Moderna

According to the reports, it seems that Sunak has invested $500M in Moderna.

Jim Ferguson also stated that British PM and WEF2030 Agenda devotee Sunak invested $500 million of his private funds into Moderna through a company called Thelema Partners in a notorious tax haven in the Cayman Islands.

Afterward, he stated in parliament that the vaccine was “safe and effective” while then going on to roll out further permissions for Moderna to set up further vaccine-producing interests within the UK.
“Did he use his position as Prime Minister to make massive personal profits while knowingly or even unknowingly causing harm to the British people, and has he broken the National Security Act, which states “if you’re working in secret for a foreign power to use or abuse your knowledge in a way that causes harm to our citizens you will be a criminal.” Former Head of MI6 Sir Alex Younger.”

The Guardian also posted a piece addressing Sunak’s Moderna investments.

“The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in the share price of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna, one of the biggest investments held by the hedge fund he co-founded before entering parliament,” they wrote.

The MSM publication continued and reported:

“It is not known whether the chancellor retained any investment in the Theleme fund after leaving. Theleme is registered in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven which does not make company records public. Ordinarily, a partner in a hedge fund would own a stake in the management company and have money invested in its fund.

A year ago, Sunak declared in the list of ministers’ interests that he was the beneficiary of a blind trust. The contents of the trust have not been disclosed to the public.

Stock market filings show that Theleme has a $500m (£377m) investment in the US-based Moderna, which accounts for around 20% of all the money it manages, about $2.5bn.

Shortly after the news of Moderna’s successful trial broke, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, revealed that the government had secured an advance order for 5m doses of the vaccine.”

Check out the complete article posted by The Guardian. 

Retribution seems to be getting closer and closer, and time is running out for people who have hurt humanity.

Speaking about Matt Hancock, earlier today, I wrote an article to remind people of his so-called Project Fear, and I also addressed the killings that the COVID protocol NG163 was responsible for.

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