Green Tea Helps Improve Your Diet

Green Tea Helps Improve Your Diet

The typical western diet is high in fat, high in sugar and low in whole grains. These bad feeding habits go hand in hand with diabetes, obesity, cognitive problems and low sperm count. According to a study published in the FASEB journal, there is a drink which used daily can help combat these negative dietary effects.

Green Tea to help with weight loss

The drink is produces in over 30 countries and has been consumed since ancient times for its properties. Now there is another study which confirms its many benefits, including weight loss.

The study

The study made by researchers in Yangling, China uses mice as subjects. The mice were divided into three groups: a high fat diet group, a high sugar diet group and a high-fat, high sugar and EGCG diet group. EGCG is a compound naturally found in green tea. The mice were fed these diets for 16 weeks.

Results of the study  

Out of the three groups, the mice fed a high sugar, high fat diet were the ones to gain the most weight during the study. However, the group who was given EGCG experienced weight loss and also better performance on the maze water test.

The EGCG compound reduced their neuron damage, kept them from becoming insulin dependent and prevented their brain cells to swallow due to their diet.

Conclusion of the results

Although the study was done on mice, it still does not hurt to drink tea. Another study from 2016 done on people suffering from obesity revealed that green tea cancels the negative effects of bad food diets and it also reduces waist circumference and body mass index. The study involved drinking high dose of green tea for 12 weeks in a row.

Green tea is an excellent help in fighting obesity.

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