Be Consistent if You Want to Lose Weight: Study

Be Consistent if You Want to Lose Weight: Study

Weight loss is an issue for many people. Even if we are talking of some extra pounds or about a lifestyle change, it is difficult to break bad habit. As they say, old habits die hard and diets do not work because there is always that special sweet we crave and which makes us give in.

Another weight loss study

A new study published in the Obesity journal and lead by Emily Feig, postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital, claims that the key to weight loss is consistency. The study shows that even if it is a slower process, steady weigh loss through scheduled eating and exercise are the fat killer weapons.

Feig conducted the study at Drexel University where she wanted also to understand why weight variability is so problematic. Her conclusion was that people tend to lose weight more consistently than others, even if they sometimes stray from the diet. However, the research concluded that by eating similar daily and keeping a schedule it will be easier to loose and maintain weight.

Recommendations for those who plan on losing weight

Dr.Feig’s advice for all of us trying to lose some extra pounds is to plan ahead, prepare the schedule and the food for each week and try to abstain from eating out. Impulsive eating triggers more extra pounds instead of helping us, therefore even if it might get boring, it is important to know each day what you are going to eat. There is no magic diet, only consistency and planning.

Dr. Li, director at the University of California adds that consistency is also practical for our daily lives and that everything improves when the routine is involved.

The study also suggests that by following a strict routine in six weeks there will be visible results.

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