8 Reasons to Start Drinking Beer for Its Healthy Benefits

8 Reasons to Start Drinking Beer for Its Healthy Benefits

Although drinking alcohol has a lot of side effects, scientists recently discovered that beer also has a few important qualities that are beneficial to your health. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Beer is really good for when you’re feeling stressed out. Studies show that 2 glasses of beer can reduce anxiety and stress.
  2. Drinking beer can also make your skin look more healthy because it has a lot of vitamins.
  3. Beer decreases the chances of getting dementia because it helps the functionality of the brain.
  4. If you drink beer you also decrease the chance of having a heart attack.
  5. Beer is full of vitamin B which helps your body deal with a lot of stressful situations a lot better than wine does.
  6. It improves the density of the bones.
  7. Drinking beer also helps your kidneys by reducing the risk of getting kidney stones.
  8. Beer also improves your cholesterol level because it has fiber in it.

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