6 Delicious Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin D

6 Delicious Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin D

Besides helping to develop bones, vitamin D ensures a good functioning of the body and has a beneficial role in the process of slimming. Sun exposure helps the body to produce it, but it can also be obtained by eating certain foods.


Fatty fish is an excellent source of vitamin D. Herring, salmon or tuna should not be missing from your diet. You can still eat sardines but only if they are preserved in oil.

Milk and cereal

Try to eat as often as you can milk because it has a rich content of vitamins and calcium. The combination with cereal is the ideal solution for a healthy breakfast. Avoid sugary cereal and opt for those enriched with vitamins to begin the day.

Eggs and cheese

Both foods are an important source of vitamin D, which is why they should be eaten regularly. But it is preferable to choose fresh cow cheese because it is richer in vitamins and nutrients.


If not consumed in excess, pork is an excellent source of vitamin D. It is preferable to opt for lean meat because here is the highest concentration of nutrients.

Fish oil

If you don’t like fish, but you want to benefit from it, consume fish oil instead. One teaspoon per week is enough to reach the recommended dose.

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